Chicago Style Hot Dog and the Italian Roast Beef Sandwich

Bright green relish, tomato wedges, pickle spear, fresh chopped onions, sport peppers, yellow mustard and celery salt.

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Hotdog Chicago Style

Yellow mustard, Bright green relish, Fresh chopped onions, Two tomato wedges, Pickle spear, Two sport peppers, Dash of celery salt.

Italian Roast Beef Sandwich

French Gonnella Roll, Italian roast beef, Au jus, Hot Giardinera

Classic Polish

Poppy seed bun, All beef Polish sausage, Bright green relish, Yellow mustard

JK Style

Stir fried red onions with Peruvian hot yellow pepper and vinegar.

Here at JK's Chicago hot dogs, we want to give you the customer, an authentic taste of Chicago. Our staff takes pride and pleasure in preparing the perfect hotdog and other quality food just for you.